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Elfin’s wishes about Leaders & The Innovative Business of Harmony (for everyone) March 24, 2011

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Rubberband connection just snapped; post gone into oblivion-space. This is my n-th attempt connecting to the internet. It often makes me wonder about quality. Small things such as a broadband connection does offer one an inherent idea into how a business is run. And definitely businesses, for that very matter, is very dependent on small things like product and service quality. We can’t run away from the usual consumer expectations. The same could be said about leaders. They cannot overlook small issues. They all add up and it shows by the end of the line. People’s needs come from the tiniest of things. The same applies to designing any product or service. The idea is very much similar.

Been looking around on the internet and read the papers. Not that I enjoy politcs that much but because it hangs on to everything one does in an urban place and indeed in any part of the world. I can’t run away into an no man’s island and dream all the ideas without knowing the practical facts of politics, no matter how much I dislike it. So I have been dwelling in it in a diplomatic way, asking questions.

The problem of politics in the way of innovation

In every part of the advanced world, the world ‘innovation’ has become even a larger buzz word. Talk is easy, but where is the nice cosy dinner? I often thought our innovative ideas must come from people serious in true designs in different aspects of thought, service and products.

Idealistically, I do not want any part of politics to run in any innovative endeavours. I believe it spoils both time and effort which could have been better placed for designing up policies or products for a better lifestyle. Something that is comfortable, sustainable and doesn’t waste resources. Such ideation of concepts can only come in free when the mind is pure and free. I don’t see original design solutions coming from a corrupt mind, because a messy mind cannot solve problems.

The problem with many innovators, I find is socialising. Quiet innovators simply suffer. Quiet innovators who are short of politicking skills suffer more. But ironically very good innovators are usually born introverts. So this could be a great loss not only to such innovators but also to us too. No one benefits from this kind of loss.Leaders around the world have changed faces these few years. With constant natural calamities happening these months, I cannot but think that leaders need a new set of qualities to keep different social economic factors in good balance. To add on, the general election appears to be around the corner makes me think about leaders. Not just leaders of political parties but more so on leaders in general ‘cos every line of industry plays a part in designing a harmonious, interesting and positive world. Certain traditions are worthy to keep while certain areas needs to be changed depending on the culture and the current situation. One group of thinking may not run feasible in another. But there is always a general rule that works for all. But somehow there are always leaders who choose to sacrifice certain areas.


Honestly, I have only recently catching up with the latest events and candidates. I do not have any political preference. i only want good leaders lead by a great leader. Someone who has an impeccable logic, innovative ideas, dare to spit guts into the face of obstacles of any kind and deliever us a sustainable life without having to worry about any kind of problems pertaining to life. We do need people with the creativity and the depth to produce innovative solutions, not to merely follow what others are doing. We need experts in the right ministries and I am hoping we have these leaders standby. Not just academically bright, its about being brilliantly talented. In dire times, the great leader must be able to deliver the chops against deals that do not benefit citizens. We are a tiny city state. And by that the leadership character cannot be as small as the size of our country (Singapore).

Social-economic cohesion :

From transportation to medical; from education to entertainment; from business to commerce and other social economic problems pertaining social cohesion that keeps every race sane are only some of the major issues. Ignore this at one’s own peril. Racial harmony, national harmony as well as keeping social status of various groups democratically are just some of the major aspects. I was told at some point that I overestimate the power of education that it could control social minds. Frankly I still couldn’t understand how education could not do so. I have always thought that education can control minds and the way a society functions. Education can also make or break social cohesion amongst different peoples, race, economic status and all. Education includes not only the learning of skills but also moral character and the formation of one’s mind. Education may not necessary be from schools, colleges and universities. It could be your social environment. They all contribute to how a mind works. It is, in my opinion, the greatest tool to handle any problems.

What would be horrifying is to allow the wrong education system in place that brain washes people into dogmatically stuck onto one form or regidly believes in only one line of thought about what success is. For example, a society that only focuses on materialism and financial success usually hinders other beautiful thoughts of wonder such as innovation in other areas in the arts, humanities etc in the purest form. The idea of putting money as the centre of the success universe has potentially dire consequences; usually results in the form of social unrest in the form of meanacing fight for money and status. Other breeds of hypocrisy might emerge.

Branding is vital for you and me; branding is vital for every establishment.

The same could be said of any organization. You read the face of the business, and you set an image. That image is sustained by yourself,  your colleagues from your business partners down to the your pet dog that runs the business logo image. The fact is, if you don’t deliver to what you’ve promised, then your customers will go. And you have to please people. You can’t do it for all, but at least you must do it for a large majority. If you can’t, then its time to change business whatever business you are in.Or you will be out.

‘Swarm of flies’ can kill your image. Certain risk-taking is simply not worth it.

Sometimes problems could smell from afar before they start to stink. Sometimes we need to let in a swarm of flies because the climate has changed and we need a huge swat to swat them after they fly in. Hell is when and how much can we tolerate flies. Problems sometimes can be sorted out by allowing the problem to grow a little bigger before solving them. It can sometimes be eradicated better since all the baddies have been lured out to the open. I notice that some policies are done this way.However it really depends. Certain risk taking may not be well worth the swat. Your swat may not be big enough or your force is not huge enough. Then all the flies will fling in and before you know it, they breed and just gotten bigger. In this case, you’ll have a looming problem that is almost unstoppable.


Better network for assistance.

We will always have problems. Large or small, national or international. We will, at certain points in time, need help. When help is offered, and problems solved, then will there be less loopholes for pending trouble to appear. What I would like to think is that there are leaders who could make sure that help is available when we need one. Designing such access to assistance without any sort of red tape needs creativity. When we do not find a good leader in our area, there should be an alternative for us to move across the restricted boundaries to seek remedy beyond boundaries of any kind.

Impending problems would be the further widening of the rich-poor gap due to the global inflation as well as a large disparity in educational qualifications and wealth. When the poor fails to make ends meet despite hard work, and when policies don’t work to bring in jobs; then we will have a mess. It is already happening everywhere and the trend is towards chaos. Many areas of chaos comes from the point of misunderstanding cultures. Yet we still do it. I find that such mistrusts and disappointments can raise to the kind of hatred that is often being underestimated. And that is really being shortsighted.

I’ll stop here for now. —


Video of coffee-serving mini humanoid – & my tall order…. August 1, 2010

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am totally AMAZED;
as amused as a new born baby…
my eyes are glued to the way the cutsy robot coffee girl moves her every limb to the rhythm of the coffee making process…

not such a great idea watching this in the middle of the night
when I’m supposed to be asleep…
but this is really damn cute;

wonder if they have robots to do up all my meals,
clean the kitchen, and sort my papers on the table;


make my bed, clean the dishes, vac the floor,
throw the rubbish….feed my e-dogs, eat my garbage?


not to forget to sing me lullaby & rock me to sweet slumber….

it could be either a dream or a nightmare…

enjoy the video and have a wonderful week ahead of creativity & innovation! Ciao! : )

Unforgettable lessons 1: I used to live like a Camel – and how that changed my idea about lumbering … July 15, 2010

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[image from the thejakartaglobe.com]

I used to be a camel. Correction: ‘I used to live like a camel.’

Not that I really enjoyed lumbering stuff over my back; but I used to think that everything need authencity or proof to show that the work I’ve done is from nowhere else but from me only.. hence I carry many more things than most people would do. And most things in the 90s back then weren’t exactly light. At least, they were not as compact as they are in the 21st century today.. I remember on a great number of occasions, I was carrying large pencil cases, large books, notes and jotters to the college library. I even wear a large down jacket that I bought before I went abroad to England with the sole impression of the UK being a very cold place. And it did turn up to be ridiculously cold on the first night of -5 degrees celcius. But that’s another story with me wearing all five layers to bed and still unable to sleep. The next day rendered me a complete zombie & a week of chaos. But thats another story.

Anyway, I carried a large Reebok backpack whilst dragging a small trolley of  full size folio bags (A0 size to A3 sizes) coupled with selected pack of models for my interviews in London. It was my first interview for postgraduate courses in the UK. It wasn’t exacly smooth sailing for the wonderful fact that I had to carry and run across the London traffic. By the time I hit the college door for interview, I’ve had gathered a good number of stares. The British are very polite and will not drop their jaws out and laugh at you. Some of them actually came up to offer help; and asked ‘Love, can you mange?’ or ‘Are you ok?’ or ‘How on earth did you lumber all the pack to London?!’  I had actually jammed a street of cars when my trolley broke loose and had the fattest folio tumbled right off the wheels. Panic stricken, I trotted right after it to catch my life. As my hand caught the edge of the folio, the lights suddenly went green. Before anything could fly off to me, my hands shot up in the cold winds & right into the sky. In utter desperation before the fleet of cars, I quickly face my palm to them & motioning them not to step on their accelerators. Obviously I did not know my time. Or indeed anybody else’s. All I knew was I wasn’t ready to cross the long stretch of road with almost everything flopped onto the road.

Guess that worked. Gladly and surprisingly they obeyed my gestures before the Great Traffic Lights of Central London. At least they didn’t choose to honk at me and run over me.

And more gladly enough, someone ran up and saved my bags, and my folios. I doubt anywhere in the world then could do that. But they actually had the patience to wait for me to cross the road with everything intact. Imagining an Asian girl from a tiny country ramping on in a strange country, whose physical sizes are least 5 inches taller. Wasn’t exactly fun though it was somewhat scary. I swore in my small head that I would not do that again. No matter how nice the Brits were, I just jammed the entire street of cars. And it wasn’t exactly fun/funny.

On with my journey to my interview. The tutors, who were supposed to be interviewing me, had a shock at the load I was carrying. And I supposed the look on my face might have looked somewhat ‘funn-ier’.

Thankfully, the tutors appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed flipping the tonnes of work I bought in. Asking a lot of questions and tested me out.It was actually a selection of bits that I thought would show design/technical thinking. I haven’t secured any financial aid yet but had planned to go ahead with interviews before returnng to Singapore to ask for money — in a time where economy was at its most rotten with far less enthusiasm in the field of product design.

Before I left the college, one of the professors who interviewed me actually couldn’t keep his long silence. He finally blurted gently with a smile, ‘You looked like a camel..’ I showed an embarassed grin. ‘Carry light!’ he said. He then suggested some ways to make my folio lighter which I did take in the advice. Afterall it was my first interview and no one had told me how to present for the such interviews,apart from advising me how to pick the best work for folios.

I earned a place straightaway on the spot after a 2 day interview with 2 different professors. I didn’t secure any substantial loans back home but I made my subsequent interviews far lighter and easier after the event. That advice actually sharpen my sense to be compact. Not only in my physical load but also in many ways when it comes to lighten life baggages.

Life = romancing with my lifetime partner of sorts. May 19, 2009

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Not so funny today but I must admit I am a blog maniac, partial twitter addict and a design monstress, a bookaholic, a facebookaholic and a constant day dreamer who talks very little and writes and works a heap. Probably thinking 90% of the time, nosing into obersations of people and things that are swimming around me. I cannot stop to think why life has to go on this crazy and why are we so complicated ? While all these  adorable  questions floating around my cute head, I do not deny the fact that I keep on banging on it to remind myself what life is. And how much I desire to lead a happy life. I live in a city state and needless to say money is important no matter how much I want to stay in my area of interest. I need to pay bills. So I need to learn the art of money making. I probably was born in the wrong place. But if I could have it, I would very much prefer to live in the countryside where I build my happy house with little animals and beautiful flora with me. Well, obviously I am just dreaming on. My parents live here and my relatives live here.  But I really believe that determination and aspirations could see me through. I may come up something very novel to live on or to live by. I could just jolly well create my own life that could be just as good as living in the mountain of paradise.

So what defines a happy life ? To a whole lot of people, especially those who live in the city, money and power are the most important. It is sad that students these days are thinking nothing but these areas, which is so wrong. Society and their own family has taught them that life is a wretched jungle of great pragmaticism. And to be successful in life, you need to be ruthless and hypocritical. If everyone were to live by those standards, we don’t need natural disasters to destroy us. We simply need our own lack of heart to kill us all before the next great meterorite finishes us all.

I believe my elfin litle  life is about learning how to love. It need not be the boy-girl relationship type of love. It could be the love for nature, your family, siblings and parents. It could just be a pure love for people or any living beings who need your help and care. Anyone who fails to understand this basic need to learn how to love and show empathy is an empty soul by heart in the saddest case. With such cunning and sly mind at heart, the invidividual and society as a whole cannot possibly be a happy and sustainable one.

For this material world, it is incredibly difficult to find very nice people. And I cannot judge people by my standards. I can only take them as they are and try my best to see them from the best angle.

To live a life with deceit and fear is a sad one. And I believe that most people are acting in defense. I have been thinking about how I should treat people. Sometimes being deceived is an extremely angry feeling. But then again, to live life angry and always on the defense decreases your quality of life. It basically drains you. You might as well take it easy and discard any kind of defense.

Why block your life out in fear and anger when you could just simplify your life with kindness and purity ? If we could pay more time in thinking how a relationship (between people at work, at play or in any kind of relationship) it is not hard to find that the common demoninator to almost all of the problems existing in the world, ever since the start of human civilisation, has always been a lack of simplicity. Just love for love’s sake for a healthier and much more meaningful life. Do not cheat but to say what you think in the most respectful manner possible. Simply be yourself and let your heart fill with love and care; and life will take very good care of you.

PS: Would you agree with my elfin thoughts ? It may be somewhat childish, but it works for me. Romancing away with my ideals of life — my lifetime partner of sorts…

Curosity and creativity – some analogies March 7, 2009

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I’ve always thought that curositiy and creativity are linked.

And I also think that truly intelligent people are generally creative. But not all creative people are intelligent. One may be able to arrange different combinations into different novel designs but may not be cut to do academic or intellectul rigour activities in the conventional sense; or may not be able to handle life situations well.

To me, intelligence means a whole lot more than handling just design problems on the paper or by craft. It really means how one is able to handle a good multitude of problems and be able to nose  into the right path and fish out the solution even without the help of a teacher or a book.

Curiosity and keen observation skills cannot be taught. In which I always beieve that schools are only there to deliver the skills and open the way for advanced technologies in the industry. In that sense, schools serve that purpose well. And it is always good to continue studies. But it must be totally receptive and able to handle differences well too. Which is not an always easy and diplomatic thing to do at all in today’s educational establishments. But at the base point,  schools and other educational establishments should foster ethics seriously.  For a future depends on graduates, and the quality of the future depends solely on how positive thinking  of the ethically correct graduates are. Failing of being just and bright, wise and creative, we will not have a future that is glowing in the right way that we all need right now.

Time for me going back to play around online for a while before going to my bee hive (bed). Everyone in the family has gone to snooze except me fiddling on my PC. I am way too curious to sleep before I know what I am looking at. Which is really a problem of a lot of things in my life so far…… Problem Me….

OT: LinkedIn Rap February 27, 2009

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LinkedIn Rap ? Click on the Title for reference of the original excerpt Fanning Your Idol .  Alternatively, you could just click on to ‘bee stings’ tab on top  for the excerpt. It is actually an OT (Other Topics) post but I thought it was fun to add in as it has a casual and humor sense which is relevant to this site.

Poor customer service – a ‘cute’ revelation February 19, 2009

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This hapend last year and I thought it would be nice to write in here:

‘Just thought about the incident and am not happy about the whole thing.
But hey I cheer myself up with a crazy looking poem to share.
Anyone has worse experience than mine ?

I was hungry until I was not.
Everything was a mess.
It was a completely disastrous meal.
I was looking like a pale hungry zombie
not feeling too well.
I kept smiling and joke to the waiters
pointing my thumb to the floor.
darn was the food look worse than a pig
and taste worse than cra–p

I don’t think my company was much amused.
It is one of the worst nights ever.
With bad service from XXX at Wheelock Place,
and me running half of Singapore before I touched down
to Wheelock Place, it was one hell of a story.
I think that was it.

Here was my unattestable complaint…..
‘my first unforgettable trip to your bistro at XXXX(some

restaurant along Scotts road)
about a dinner i had with a friend
was with nothing but hair
sans flavour
et funny chicken wing legs

thy chick legs look like tighs of some carrot leg

and cod that’s with some hairy fish

but i was impressed by the stuffing
done to a skinny chicken wing —
it was genuinely creative !

appetizing it was not…
tasteless it was for my bim don’t know what bap–
i was dying for salt and pepper

water was the only thing that
tasted best –
quench my hunger
and cool my ——

pointing down my thumb while smiling at your crew
i thought it was somewhat funny
though it was some kind of unspeakable tragedy

my glorious food,
my cute trash
has gone with the wind

i cannot speak for my friend
but it was one of my creepiest meals i ever had on my

own motherland !!
its worse than a crab !

the hungry poet, author of this elfinbee’s site; Karen Fu

SIDE NOTE:  how does one improve customer service ? How do we improve culinary skills ? In such times where most small businesses may not survive, there is a need to learn the art of improvision and use one’s resourcefulness to create new products and service.

Image from clker.com

Image from clker.com

Bee Buzz on Traffic … HOW ? February 3, 2009

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I’ve been flying around on internet more than I surf it. Bees are busy creatures buzzing around for details and the flowers I’ve seen are pretty much interesting;often makes me question: how do I add traffic ? Apart from an interesting content that is sweet, del-icio-us, fun and colourful; I need to market it so it gets spread far into the cyberspace. Some people like Steve Portigal, Rob Curedale, Frank Feather and a couple of others on my LinkedIn network even appear to get millions of people on their profile. Apparantly, they are extremely good in doing this. I don’t know how they do it — LinkedIn, Facebook, SlideShare et cetra.. and its all at least in the hundreds.  Famous people like President Obama has the largest number of followers  at Twitter.com, which I have a miserly 170+ to date. I admit my bee stripes and tiny wings don’t get me too far but I am an amatuer bee, so learning to fly hard isn’t too bad; but I think it is better to learn how to fly smart. 

Honey, where are you ? I need some extra bee-tonic to fly smart and high, far and wide…